About us

Giftworks is a personalized gifts company that provides services to imprint logos on umbrellas,

mugs, pens and any other giftable items made of steel or plastic.

Giftworks was founded with the vision of catering to the commercial and domestic need for

customized gift items needed for seasonal occasions, corporate gifts and promotional ware.

Giftworks intends to provide this service as a convenient and affordable solution for customized

gift giving. In addition to this, we also offer a range of customization features to choose from.

The concept of Giftworks was created and brought to life by Rainco, the leading manufacturer of

umbrellas, mosquito nets and rain wear in Sri Lanka.

Our Promise

Giftworks promises to provide highly customizable and innovative gifts while providing value for

money. Our high quality gift items can either be printed in full colour to ensure maximum

visibility for your brand or simply used to place a memorable message to leave a lasting

impression on your clients. Family and friends will also value the personal touch that comes

with our gifts.

Quality has been a guiding vision for Giftworks and is upheld by the company through stringent

quality control and assurance. We are uncompromising when it comes to our products and

services and ensure we provide the best.

Our Delivery

Giftworks will supply customized gifts on time and with the guarantee of high quality.

We provide both the gifts and the personalization service. Our gift items cover a wide variety

from office gifts like pens and key tags to home ware like wall clocks and food containers.

Our gifts are fully customized by utilizing different techniques such as laser engraving and

sublimation printing. The techniques we use vary according to the gift and material it’s made of.

The most effective technique is chosen to deliver the best end product.

From innovative corporate gift items to full colour printing services, Giftworks is set to fulfill your

gift personalization needs.

Our Technology

At Giftworks, we use the latest technology for our personalization. Our operation is fitted with

equipment that best delivers our customization services.

Experience the high level precision that comes with laser engraving. We use this method to

provide finely written inscriptions on metal and plastic surfaces like those of pens, visiting card

holders, USB drives and key tags.

We do high quality screen printing on umbrellas, aprons and rain coats. This technique provides

accurate colour registration.

Our professional sublimation printing technique is used to imprint full colour images onto gifts

like mugs, bags, t-shirts and flags. This produces a full coverage image that brings it to life.